Milestones of a Parent

Hello all,

Time flies when I am settling back into school & work routines, and the added adventure of seeing my firstborn off on the beginning of his solo adventure.

Well, tell you what – allowing myself the freedom to grieve when I feel very sad is healthy.   I had a big day of tears when the reality of my firstborn leaving hit me.  I have then been able to be pro-active in seeking what I needed to overcome those feelings of loneliness.  I am very blessed to have a husband who supports me in every way possible.  When I was able to recognize the desire to go to Melbourne with my son on the weekend he was leaving, I had his support and that of my son (he knew I was only staying for the weekend, and then mum would be out of his hair).

I had a wonderful time with my son and his dad.  I loved being in the big city for a couple of days!  I got to see where he will be living and where he will be going to school, which is great for me because I get a “feel” for a place when I am physically there.  His neighborhood sat well with me.  Plus we got to ride the train and tram lines that he will be taking to and from school.  Then we did the shopping for a few bits and pieces that will help him get started with cheap, but nutritious meals that he should be able to cook himself.

So I am a happy Mummy.  Still miss him, but now I can embrace the logic that tells me that this process is a normal and healthy part of him growing into a mature man and living his own life.  Though I did tell the other children when I got back home, “new rule – no one leaves home.”


Missing him already



My firstborn son is off to the Mainland of Australia to begin his education and then hopefully career in animation.

I was determined that I wouldn’t cry on his last day with us…but alas, my emotions had other plans.  I always thought that I wouldn’t be that mother who would be all soppy over my children leaving the nest.  I want the best for them.  I want them to spread their wings and fly.  (But perhaps there was an unknown desire to fly with them).

Or perhaps it is the hit-you-in-the-face knowledge that this is the beginning of the end.  The end of seeing this beloved person as much as I want.  Of being involved in their Life.  I know I am sounding over dramatic, but at this moment in time, this is how it FEELS.


So for you young mums, please take heed, with the love I intend…

Time does go so quickly.

When I was surrounded with babies and toddlers, I couldn’t hear that message from older mothers.  I was knee deep in wee, poop, mashed up food in my hair, barely time to have a shower, let alone coordinate my outfit, and these older mothers were smiling affectionately at my little mess-makers longing for the those times again.  I would smile on the outside and wish privately on the inside for the time to move along quicker, because I felt like I was drowning.

But here I am on the other side and you know what?  It does go quick, especially once they hit school.  So… try to ignore the mess, have lots of adventures with them and savour the moments, good and bad, because they PASS.

One positive out of this is to remind me to make the most of each and every day with those I love and love me.  So on that note, I am bidding you “G’day” and “See u”.

Until next time,


Play vs. Technology

Just back from camping on the northern coast of Tasmania.  It was so beautiful!  The weather was perfect.  The kids played and used their imagination, instead of wasting it in front of an electronic device.  They swam, biked, played board games, visited friends, cooked, helped with dishes, and fell into bed each night.  I loved that without TV, Wii, PS… the kids found plenty to do and were happy.

In our family there is a constant battle to define  the boundaries of duration for anyone to be hooked up to an electronic device (we, the parents want to narrow, the kids want to widen). Yes, we are part of those parents who work at limiting the amount of time our kids spend (waste) on electronic devices.  But, man, it was a lot easier when we were camping – no devices.

We get home and bam! that is where the kids want to be.  And as we bloggers know 5 minutes sitting in front of our computers updating just that one little detail can turn into hours…

So the question for today is –

How do we thrive in today’s modern, technologically advanced culture, while still connecting with our neighbour?