Play vs. Technology

Just back from camping on the northern coast of Tasmania.  It was so beautiful!  The weather was perfect.  The kids played and used their imagination, instead of wasting it in front of an electronic device.  They swam, biked, played board games, visited friends, cooked, helped with dishes, and fell into bed each night.  I loved that without TV, Wii, PS… the kids found plenty to do and were happy.

In our family there is a constant battle to define  the boundaries of duration for anyone to be hooked up to an electronic device (we, the parents want to narrow, the kids want to widen). Yes, we are part of those parents who work at limiting the amount of time our kids spend (waste) on electronic devices.  But, man, it was a lot easier when we were camping – no devices.

We get home and bam! that is where the kids want to be.  And as we bloggers know 5 minutes sitting in front of our computers updating just that one little detail can turn into hours…

So the question for today is –

How do we thrive in today’s modern, technologically advanced culture, while still connecting with our neighbour?


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